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Medieval and Renaissance Studies Certificate

The Certificate in Medieval and Renaissance Studies is designed to encourage the pursuit of interdisciplinary work among several departments in the subject area of medieval and early modern European society and culture. The Certificate requires six courses (18 credits) in the medieval and early modern European period according to the following distributional requirements. Students must take HIST 3156 as part of the certificate. All certificate students must receive a C or better to receive credit for a course taken to fulfill the certificate requirements.

Students may petition special topics courses and study abroad courses to count as elective courses, but should do so in consultation with the coordinator prior to taking the course.

Required (1 course)

  • HIST 3156 Intro to European History II, Medieval and Early Modern

Electives (5 courses) Must choose at least three areas of study.

  • ARTH 3115 Medieval Art and Architecture
  • ARTH 3117 Italian Renaissance
  • ARTH 3118 Northern Renaissance
  • ARTH 3126 Baroque Art and Architecture in Italy and Spain
  • ENGL 3135 Medieval Literature in Britain
  • ENGL 3136 Renaissance Literature in Britain
  • ENGL 4105 Shakespeare to 1600
  • ENGL 4106 Shakespeare after 1600
  • ENGL 4555 Selected Authors
  • ENGL 5166 History of the English Language
  • ENGL 5187 Old English
  • ENGL 5545 Advanced Topics in Literature, Writing and Theory
  • HIST 3155 Intro to European History I, Ancient and Medieval
  • HIST 3555 History Topics
  • HIST 5575 Selected Topics in European History (topic specific to area)
  • MUSC 3228 Music History to Mozart
  • PHIL 3115 Ancient-Medieval Philosophy
  • POLS 3148 Religion and Politics
  • SPAN 4115 Survey of Spanish Literature
  • SPAN 4117 Spanish Golden Age Theatre
  • THEA 3175Theatre History/Literature 1: Greeks to Renaissance
  • THEA 3176 Theatre History/Literature 2: Renaissance to Romanticism

Recommended Language Study: While foreign language study is not required for the Certificate, all candidates are encouraged to enhance the work they can do in Medieval Studies by acquiring a reading knowledge of a modern or historical European language as early as possible. Studying Latin in addition is strongly recommended for those who plan to do graduate work in the field.